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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions - Baby Emmett

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I often get to witness and capture all of the most important parts of a person's life. A beautiful couple embarking on their journey together, the excitement of the first pregnancy, bringing a new bundle of joy into the world and growing into the parent's I already knew they would become.

When my husband and I moved to New Braunfels in 2016, we had no friends. We only had each other. Leaning on one another for everything was hard but really made us grow closer together. We started meeting our wonderful neighbors and then took it upon ourselves to go out to a local bar and hopefully meet some friends. We ended up going to the Pour Haus, a local favorite in New Braunfels, and met Allison + Frank.

My husband, who normally has a little apprehension to just walk up and meet people he doesn't know, said "we're never going to meet people if we don't just walk right up to them and start a conversation." He saw a couple that had a Siberian Husky (like our sweet Zoe) and decided he would go talk to them. We hit it off with them & their sweet pup, Mya. At the time, we didn't know how this friendship would develop.

Over the two years we lived in New Braunfels, we got to know Allison + Frank pretty well. I was lucky enough to photograph their first maternity session when they found out they were pregnant with Elliott (shown below).

Frank + Allison (2017)

What I love most about this beautiful couple is that they have no fears when it comes to photography. They just want to document everything. Allison and I spoke about possibly photographing Elliott's birth and whether that was something they would be interested in and she happily agreed! It was her first baby and she wanted to remember every detail she could. It goes by so quickly, so referring back to pictures was something she knew she could hold on to forever. It was one of the most fascinating experiences I've ever witnessed. I think it created a bond between us all that is merely unexplainable. Pregnancy & birth are beautiful and so remarkable. I never understood the true emotion behind it all until these intimate moments when they saw their son for the very first time. Let me just say, I was definitely crying behind my camera. Since his birth, I've been fortunate to capture Elliott "growing up". His newborn session, 6 month milk bath session, and him becoming a big brother to Emmett.

Elliott's birth (2017)

Allison, Elliott & Frank (2017)

Allison + Elliott (2018)

I know you all are wondering why such a long post about Frank + Allison. Well, I needed to give you all a little back story to these special people so I can formally introduce you to the newest member of their beautiful family, Emmett Ryan! Sadly, I missed capturing his birth due to work, but I would not have missed his newborn session at all!!! Emmett is such a good baby. He has the longest little toes & feet! He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 20.25 inches long! He slept almost the whole time I was there for his newborn session. He didn't fuss when we wrapped him and moved him into a million different positions. He is so loved by all and Elliott is so enamored with him! The bond between Elliott & Emmett is going to be so strong. I can't wait to capture all of his big moments just like I did with Elliott!

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